Choose the Right Soil Amendments for Your Gardening Needs from Soil Building Systems, Inc.

Soil amendments are one of the most important aspects to maintain the garden in a healthy and worry-free state. They help in improving the fertility and texture of the soil. The needed soil amendments depend upon the existing soil composition, climatic conditions and the type of plants grown. Some of the amendments may include lime, to make the soil less acidic, or natural fertilizers like compost and other materials that can help to address nutrient deficiencies and water retention capacity.

In today’s growing market, it is an easy task to finding soil amendments. However, finding the premium product is a different game.

Today, Soil Building Systems, Inc. (SBS) manufactures some of the highest quality bagged and bulk organic composts that includes pH Balanced Compost and other compost amendments, a dozen aged mulches for different textures and aesthetics, various lawn soils for leveling and turf establishment, and numerous landscape bedding soils to address a variety of plant types and installation applications. These products are the result of due diligence and extensive research through testing, and have become the go-to standard for the quality conscious consumer.

In addition to its extensive pH Balanced Product Line, the company also produces other supplements, including Professional Compost for commercial applications, Blended Compost as an enhanced nutrient-fortified option, Clay Slayer for a finished compost and Expanded Shale combo, as well as Professional Potting Compost as a finely textured mixing media for growers and nurseries. In addition, SBS also has an Acid Lovers’ Product Line for acid loving (low pH) plants of all sorts.

Soil Building Systems, Inc. was founded in 1972 and is headquartered in Dallas. Since then, Soil Building Systems, Inc. has been a trusted supplier of quality-certified and finished organic landscaping materials. SBS is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of products for all your gardening and landscaping needs. The company is the proud recipient of the Aggie-100 Award for being one of the 100 fastest growing Aggie companies in the world.


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